Ema Koeda : Food & Wine Specialist

Born in Tehran, Iran, in 1978. Grew up in New York, and moved to Japan after her high school graduation. Entered Sophia University in Tokyo and studied abroad in Boston College. Joined Myu Planning, Inc., a restaurant consulting company in Tokyo where she created concepts and menus for various restaurants in Japan as well as overseas. Pursuing her profound passion for food, entered The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in California.In 2005 became freelance food and wine specialist and providing services Internationally.  


American Embassy (Japan) ATO Chef Consultant
Spokesperson and chef consultant for ATO office, introducing healthy New American Cuisine and dreative ideas to eat more vegetables (V5 Campaign).

Restaurant Planning / Recipe Development
Japan:Pan & Espresso(Aoyama)、Cafe Company(2007-09), Hotel chain、Czon(恵比寿)、etc.
Global:Panash Bakery (Hong Kong)、YuraAn Cafe (Bangkok)、Pancakes(Hawaii)、etc.
Corporate:Sunkist、Japan Miso Promotion Board、JETRO, Pistachio、Pomegranate, MEF, etc
Media:Elle a table, Orange Page、Nikkei Health、Very、Proud, etc.

Chef Instructor
California Cuisine、Japanese Cuisine for International People, Wine and Food pairing, Kids, etc

Global Coordination: International food conference coordination
CIA WOF 2007, JETRO Fancy Food Show 2009, CIA WOF 2010,etc

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